Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!

After spending the entire day with Bret at Teri & Scott's watching a Star Wars Movie Marathon yesterday, the kids were exhausted when they went to bed last night. Bret and I were pretty sure that our wake up call would be pretty early this morning, but were pleasantly surprised that we actually had to wake Ryan up at 9am this morning! Poor Ashley was up by 7am and had to wait for the rest of us lugs to get out of bed. (See, Ash? It's so much fun to grow up, isn't' it?)
The kids had fun hunting down their eggs and going through their Easter baskets. Both got $10 in Disney Dollars to spend at Disney World this June along with some other Disney paraphernalia. If they do their chores they'll earn some more before we leave. Ryan got lots of activity books to help him with learning how to read in school (who said the Easter Bunny wasn't very smart?) and Ash got her Nintendo DS bundle pack so that she can keep herself more organized and not loose any of her games. Did I mention that they got loads of candy? Ugh, it's going to be a long day!
* * * *
Ryan searches for his Easter Eggs.

Ashley is smarter than the Easter Bunny thinks.
"I found two, Mom!"

Happy Easter, Everyone!

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