Thursday, November 13, 2008

Never Say Never

I'm eating my words, just so you know. Last year while putting up my Christmas tree, I nearly pulled every strand of hair out of my head in frustration at the whole section of lights that thought it would be fun to see how high my stress level could go. Yes, I eventually calmed down and gave up, but with this year's season quickly approaching, I felt it was time to do something about it in hopes of saving myself from the stress this year.

For the past few days I've been shopping for a new tree. A pre lit tree, even though I swore never again. Let's face it - who really wants to spend hours stringing lights when you can buy a tree that already has it done?

While running in and out of every store in Peoria that sells them, I've come to the conclusion that I honestly do not feel sorry for these major retail stores who are crying "whoa is me, our sales are down drastically." Why? Because only one single store impressed me by being competitive. Only one store made sure I didn't leave without making a large purchase because they were the only store that beat out everyone else with their prices.

Everywhere I went a quality 7.5 foot pre lit tree was going to cost me $300. Not happening here. My last tree (which I really did LOVE until it died) was purchased at Sears and they did it for me this time, too. They came in $75 cheaper than everyone else - and it included a rotating base!

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