Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Turkey Day

Time sure does fly when you're busy. I've spent the last week going through Christmas stuff and am officially done decorating. Whew. I've also been Christmas shopping up a storm, determined to get the things I knew I wanted to buy before the whole shopping season kick off starts on Friday.

Tomorrow we'll be spending the day over at my sister in law's. Her family is in town from Iowa and really knows how to make a feast. Then we'll pour over sale guides after dinner. You won't find me shopping on Friday, though. Ashley is in the Santa Parade downtown this year in her school's marching band. She's super excited. Let's just hope the weather holds in the upper 40's since she's not going to be able to fit anything more than a sweater and Cuddl Duds on under her uniform.

After the parade on Friday, we'll be heading up to my mom's for the weekend. Luke, my aunt's golden retriever is going home now that my aunt has moved into her new place. After a couple months of having him here, the kids have really gotten use to having him around. They are handling it just fine though and understand that he's going home to his mama.

We'll also be making our annual train ride to downtown Chicago on Saturday. We have not yet decided what we'll do in the windy city yet, but we'll figure it out. Every year we've gotten pictures of the kids in front of the Macy's Christmas tree and then eat lunch downtown somewhere.

It promises to be a busy weekend! Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


Mberenis said...

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MamaFlo said...

Happy Thanksgiving Friend!!
Have a wonderful holiday weekend and stay safe.

maggie said...

Sounds like good holiday times all around. Have fun!