Monday, July 07, 2008

Holiday Weekend Review

It was definitely a busy one this past weekend.
It all started with a little league game. Ryan waits for his chance at first base.

Next on the weekend agenda, were the July 4th fireworks downtown. It's said that Peoria/East Peoria's combined display were expected to be in the top 3 percent of the nation's best fireworks.
Look closely to see what had us laughing. Can you guess?
Ashley waits for the fireworks to start with her friends.
Bret and Ryan wait, too.
It was the best show yet.
The two cities spent $77,000 on the display.
Yesterday we spent time with family. We met up with Bret's brother's family over at his dad's house for lunch. The kids tested out the in ground sprinkler system for Grandpa.
When did this kid grow up? And who the heck said that she could?
Thinking about it...
And we have lift off...

Chilling out.

We followed up the afternoon over at Bret's brother's house where the kids swam...
...and the mom's hung out.

How was your holiday weekend?

(Sunday's pictures courtesy of my brother in law.)

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Brandie said...

Sounds like you had a fantastic weekend. I can't figure out what's funny about that picture? You'll have to tell me, it's gonna drive me nuts. Guess I'm not that observant, lol.