Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ever Changing

Life never seems to stay very still for us over here. It seems like summer just began and now it's going to be over in 3 weeks when the kids go back to school. I thought with the end of summer sports and summer activities that we would have a breather, but I was fooling myself because I honestly don't know how to not be busy.

Ashley is excited to go back to school and has gone straight from summer ball to school ball. Softball try-outs started this week for the middle school and while she's made the team, we still have yet to find out if she will be on the Varsity or Junior Varsity team. Practices start immediately on Thursday and will be everyday except for Fridays and Sundays. Whew, here we go. Sometimes I feel more like a chauffeur than a parent.

Ryan has scaled down to just swim lessons, with only two more remaining, so things are momentarily calm there. With the start of school comes the whole stress of making sure Ryan gets what is needed with his hearing and learning disabilities. We've given him the summer off from working so hard, but it's time to get cracking again.

In other news, we're adding a new dog to the family. We currently have Daisy (see picture on masthead above) who is 9 or 10 years old. She is the biggest sweetheart and everyone commonly calls her the neighborhood dog. People love her that much and welcome her into their yards.

My aunt has a 4 year old Golden Retriever, named Luke. She's moving and sadly cannot take him with her. We've offered to take him and the kids are really excited and having a hard time waiting the 3 weeks until my aunt can bring him down here. It could have been sooner, but we have our upcoming annual weekend vacation to Grand Bear with Bret's brother and his family and didn't want to upset his adjustment period here.

So, that leads me to a question I've got for all of you. I've found a lot of valuable information in regards to adding another dog to your family online, but I'd love some advice from anyone who's been through this. Daisy has her annual appointment at the vet tomorrow and I'm going loaded with questions for him. Does anyone have any suggestions on making the transition easier on both dogs? I'm pretty sure Daisy will be the dominant dog as Luke is very laid back and easy going while Daisy is pretty laid back herself and very well behaved, but is very protective of her turf. I'd love some feedback!


maggie said...

I have zero useful advice, but I do know that two dogs are more fun than one dog. ;) Good luck.

Deb said...

It helps that one is male and the other is female and since Luke isn't going to want the Alpha position the transition should be relatively uneventful. You may want to keep them separated for a week or so whenever you'll be out of the house.

Luke has a beautiful face.

Brandie said...

Congrats on the new addition! Sorry, but I've never had more than one dog at a time, so I don't have any pointers. Good luck, he sure is pretty!

Mz Diva said...

I cannot believe you guys go back to school so early! I guess maybe its the weather difference? Good luck with the dogs....I think they will be fine when they decide who is the Alpha and get used to each other.