Friday, September 12, 2008

Week In Review

I apologize for disappearing this week, but things are now finally starting to slow down. Ashley's softball season is officially over. Her last game of the season was Wednesday night. Watching her games has been a lot of fun, but I'm ready for it to be over.
Homework has been out of control now that school is back in full swing. It seems like once we're all home and done with dinner, we're spending the rest of our nights buried in homework. Ashley is doing excellent in school. No problems there. Ryan is struggling a little, but we expected that. While he has made tremendous progress - I'll never get tired of him reading a book to us - he still has some more catching up to his peers to do. Five years of undiagnosed hearing loss plus a possible learning disability will do that to you. We just have to stay patient, work with him and keep on top of the school.
Homework time.

Earlier this week, Ryan brought home a short story that he wrote himself with no help. I was very proud and promptly hung it on our fridge. It had some spelling errors, but it showed promise. Being able to write an actual sentence was a challenge for him last year.
Also this week, I got my highlights redone and my hair cut. It's still very blonde right now, but it'll tone down in a week or so. I went for more layers this time around because I'm so tired of my hair just hanging there, doing absolutely nothing. I was amazed at how many of the little kids at school the next day noticed my hair.

The weather here has been horrible and depressing for the last couple of days. It has rained nonstop. Despite the constant rain, we went to the high school football game tonight. We made it through the first half and ended up leaving during halftime because of Ryan's boredom (his friends decided not to brave the rain), the obnoxiously loud parent behind us and because we looked and felt like drowned rats.

Ryan is ready for the football game.

Brings back memories of the good old days.

I didn't get any pictures of Ashley tonight. Once we walked through the gates, she was swallowed up by a group of her friends and gone. Seems to be becoming the norm these days. Sigh.


maggie said...

Sounds like times full of busy, and I love your hair! Mine is due for something. Again. Usually when I get to this point I wait about 6 months because I'm not sure what I want.

Jon and Em said...

love your hair & can't wait to see you saturday! yay!

Jamie said...

LOVE THAT HAIRCUT! It really suits you. Nicely done!

Brandie said...

Great hair! You're not the only one who disappeared for a week -- I've been really bad lately. Congrats on the softball season being over, that's gotta give you a lot more time back. And yes, I know how you feel with homework time! Amber has a lot of problems, and homework with her takes hours and can be quite grueling. But you gotta do what you gotta do, right? At least we try our best and don't let our kids out there to fend for themselves.