Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Trim Up Tuesday - Baby Steps

Well, I guess I made it through my first week back at Trim Up Tuesday. I started out this week taking it slow since we all know how fast I tend to jump back into the whole working out thing only to end up injured and out of commission for the next couple of months. My effort, however, was squashed by busy schedules, rain and then getting sick. I'm not really sure how, but I did manage to lose 2.5 pounds this week.

I'm going to try something new here. I think it will help me to do this as more of a journal type thing. Something to the effect of holding me more accountable....blah blah blah. I'm just going to go with it and see what happens.

Week One:

Tuesday: Sore from my first day back to the gym yesterday. Thought about not working out today, but the pull to do something was strong so I grabbed our dog and headed to a nearby trail for 25 minutes of uphill and downhill torture. Has anyone found the secret to avoiding shin splints?

Wednesday: Holy calf pain. Those hills yesterday got me good - I wonder if the poor dog is sore, too. Very seriously considered taking the dog over to the Rock Island trail after school/work this afternoon for a walk, but chickened out after talking to another Playground Supervisor Mommy at work and hearing that two women were recently attacked on the trail in broad daylight. Will rethink that plan after I buy some mace. Where can one buy mace at these days? Decided to give my calves the day off.

Thursday: Rainy, stormy day + running around town getting errands done = no work out today.

Friday: 5 hours of house cleaning today. Well call that a workout and run with it.

Saturday: Too busy being a family to do anything else today. Ashley had a double header this morning. After that we went out to lunch, did a little shopping and then it was time to head over to our friend's backyard party.

Sunday: Awful allergies got me good. Or maybe it's a cold. Can allergies really make you feel this bad? Had to leave the party early last night and was in bed by 8:30pm.

Monday: Still sick and miserable. Enough said.

So, as we can all see here, I didn't really keep up with the excersice, but I did spend 2 hours a day at work walking all over the playground. I also didn't eat out as much this week, which is probably a big help.

Weight loss this week: 2.5 pounds

Total weight loss: 2.5 pounds


maggie said...

Hey, good for you losing 2.5 pounds! Hope you are feeling better.

Brandie said...

Woohooo! 2.5 pounds is GREAT! Keep up the good work.