Monday, September 22, 2008

Wii Fit = Smart A*#

I've been having a hard time finding the time to get to the gym lately and while I was at Wal-mart this morning, I happened to walk past the electronic section and almost died of excitement when I saw that they had TWO Wii Fit's in stock. I've walked by many times and there has never been one there. So I grabbed it.
After I got home from my little part time job at school, I started setting it up.

Yep, that's the Mii I set up for my self sometime ago.
You should be ashamed asking for asking a lady how old she is! Fine, let's get started with your little pretesting, shall we?

No. I do not trip a lot. Then it tells me that my Wii Fit age is 42 years old and all of sudden my Mii becomes rounder. I almost threw the remote at the TV.

Hmm, chose a trainer? Male or Female? What do you think?

The jury was still out on how well of a work out one could get with this, but 38 minutes later I have to admit that I was a little sore and working up a sweat, but having fun at the same time. I think we'll keep it!


maggie said...

Oooh, nice! I haven't even seen the Wii Fit yet until now. You will have to keep us all updated on how it goes as you continue to use it.

Jon and Em said...

i can't believe your "Wii Mii" became rounder. that's hilarious. that's when you wish you were still playing the Atari 7800 where everything was just a "+" sign!

By the way Vicki (if you're reading this)...thanks for watching the kids while Bret & Lynda came for our 2nd Annual Bunco Roadtrip! :-)

Brandie said...

I really want one, except I hear those things are brutal with the badgering. I don't need something yelling me as I become (inevitably) heavier as these 9 months progress ...

Vicki said...

No problem, Emily. I still can't believe you guys moved so close to me!

Holly said...

Hmmm, yeah. My Mii became rounder, and the Wii told me I was 'obese'. How is THAT for rude! I haven't been back on it since - and that was well over a month ago. Maybe after my recent weight loss I'll try it again. :-)

Congrats for the weight loss! Keep up the great work!