Saturday, May 26, 2007

Weekend Update

I am officially garage saled out! It's amazing how many people will try to talk you down a mere 50 cents and then walk away when you say no. Or when you have 8 pairs of medical scrubs and someone asks if you'll take a dollar off each one and you say no, thinking that surely someone else will buy them - and then two weekends later they are still in your possesion. Everything is back in rubbermaid tubs and ready to be put away for the next neighborhood sale. If I ever recover from these last two weekends by then.

I went to the doctor to have my ankle checked out again yesterday and he told me, "Congratulations. You've managed to tear all three tendons in your one ankle." Ouch. Luckily, he said that if I go back to icing it every 2 hours again, it should heal up pretty well for our vacation to Disney World in 11 DAYS! We're almost to single digits, people! I may have to wear the air cast he gave me while I'm there, but it should be okay. I just may end up with some pretty horrible tan lines around my ankle by the time we get home.

Well, I'm off to finish icing my ankle and then I'm going to go take back control of my house. It's been neglected for way too long!

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