Friday, May 18, 2007

The Art Of Delegating

I think it's safe to say that my family is ready for me to be able to walk again. I'm under strict orders to stay off my foot and keep it elevated and iced. If I try to cheat it swells and throbs really bad and makes my toes look twice their normal size.

After a busy day outside (trying) to help run our garage sale, I am now on the couch with my ice bag again. (We ran out of frozen green beans). We did really well today and hopefully tomorrow will go well, too.

My daughter is (unenthusiastically) learning all about doing laundry. She's officially been instructed through a load and there's plenty more piling up where that came from. Bret surprised me when I got up this morning with a clean house that had been picked up the night before. Ryan (smartly) has disappeared downstairs to the world of Star Wars Play Station so I haven't been able to assign him anything yet. I might just have to milk this for a few extra days. Ha! Everyone that knows me can tell you that I can't handle this for long. Eventually I'll have to find a way to clean the house, catch the laundry up and organize something or I will go insane.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, Ashley is the age that your brother had to learn to do laundry when I broke my ankle. You were a couple of years older. I think you guys have been doing your own laundry since then :)

lynda w said...

She's already claimed child labor abuse on me. LoL