Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A Spider Tried To Kill Me!

On the way home from Ashley's softball game tonight, the kids and I were terrorized by a big furry black spider that some how found it's way into my van. It started out on the passenger seat and made it's way closer to me as I was driving. I don't think I've ever been as freaked out in my life before as I was tonight. While driving, I attempted to kill it with Ryan's flip flop (did you really think I was going to use my own?) but it just kept curling up into a ball and running away. As we pulled into the neighborhood I swung into the first driveway and jumped out. Larry and Joan were outside doing some work on their house and probably thought I had lost my mind. Larry tried his hardest to find the thing, but it's God knows where, hiding and just waiting for me to get back inside before it tries to attack again. I managed to get home (yes, I sped just a teeny tiny bit) and got myself and the kids out of the van. I looked all over again and still couldn't find the nasty thing. I left my van on the driveway, because I am NOT getting back into it until Bret gets home from his softball game and exterminates it. If he can't find it we'll just have to have the van towed and buy a new one!

I think it looked a little something like this.

Okay, maybe it was more like this. But really! It's just as bad and it's still in there!

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Teri said...

YUK!!!!!!!!!! You will have to tell Scott this story, he hates spiders! Although, I do think that I would of started to scream in the car/van!!!!