Sunday, March 04, 2007

We Already Knew That She Couldn't Keep A Secret

This post is dedicated to you, Mom!
* * * *
Yesterday was the big day for Ashley's family birthday party and I had come up with a sure fire way to throw her off. She was pretty sure she was going to get the iPod Nano she's been begging for and I didn't want it to be too easy for her. Bret kept trying to talk Ashley into getting a Nintendo DS but Ashley insisted that she didn't want one. A friend of hers had just gotten a Nintendo DS for her birthday, so I borrowed the box and hid the iPod inside of it, pretty sure she'd believe there was a DS inside. I told everyone ahead of time NOT to tell her to look inside the box. I wanted her to continue opening her presents so that she'd slowly realize she was getting an iPod as she opened up all of it's accessories. Then we would have told her to look inside the DS box when she had gotten to the last present and still didn't have an iPod in her hands.
She did fall for it, and very graciously....

But then my mother asked to see what the DS looked like before she moved on to the next gift!!!

Sigh. She was happy to see it was an iPod instead of a DS, but man it would have been really fun to see her sweat it out some more.

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Teri said...

she looks so grown up... You are pretty rotten doing that to her. LOL