Friday, February 02, 2007

Weekend To Do List

  • Party at Cat & Tom's (ooh, the new TomCat?) house tonight.
  • Attend friend's 30th surprise birthday party at Chuck E Cheese tomorrow. (And hope he doesn't read my blog. Wouldn't that suck?)
  • Watch the Bear's kick some blue and white butt. (And the commercials, too).
  • May or may not be a wee bit hung over on Monday. (Hubby is already planning on taking Monday off.)
  • Regret the two brownies I ate today after spending an hour at Body Step at the gym this morning. (I spent four days there this week. Pretty good, huh?)



Grammy said...

A 30th birthday party at Chuck E Cheese? Has the person still not grown up?

skeeling6 said...

ditto to that.......does that mean he will be standing besides ChuckE when he sings too?

Miss Natalie said...

is the fact that the party is at Chuck E Cheese the surprise? ;-)

I always thought the reason we go to the gym is to indulge in cookies, brownies, cakes and food with creamy sauces - thats what i'm sticking to!