Thursday, October 16, 2008


Towards the end of last school year, we were pretty worried about Ryan academically. He went through a lot of testing and the results left us pretty discouraged and worried about his future. We managed to get through the end of the school year with some progress made.

Now we have just completed the first quarter of this new school year and I am amazed at how well Ryan is catching up. Tonight was our parent/teacher conference with his teacher and I must tell you that I was expecting a lot of low grades since that seemed to be the norm last year. I am happy to report that his report card was a lot better!

While he still has some struggles when it comes to reading comprehension and writing, his reading fluency is really coming along. One month ago, Ryan was reading 41 words a minute. And now? 81! He doubled it in one month!

Reading and Writing struggles aside, he's doing excellent in all other areas. His confidence level is growing. That was one of the things that broke my heart into a million little pieces. If something was too hard for him to grasp, he'd get very frustrated - because he knew that he was supposed to be able to do it, but couldn't. Now, he's showing more confidence and his self esteem has improved as well. He no longer fights us when it's time to sit down and do school work.

I'm teary eyed right now. I'm so proud of him. I'm less worried. I see the progress. I'll never get tired of hearing him read out loud.

Six months ago tonight, we lost my mother in law. It was easily the most awful night of our lives. Tonight is particularly tough, because she is the person we would most love to share this with. She beamed with pride when it came to her grandchildren - wanted to know every detail of their lives. This would have made her more proud than any straight A report card because it gives us all hope. It shows us that Ryan will catch up and will succeed.


maggie said...

Oh, Lynda. I'm all teared up right along with you. I also believe that somehow Ryan's grandma is cheering him a long and celebrating his success. I get how bittersweet this moment must be. Hugs to all of you.

Mz Diva said...

Seeing kids progress is SUCH as gift! At my new job ! I am teaching a program called Read 180 and am hoping to see some really positive results. It is so important for a child to be able to see success or they just get more and more unwilling to even try! Some of the kids I am working with are so low skilled that all they know how to do well is resist! Lord give me patience to make a difference! They are a hard group! 9th grade and reading two to five years below grade is a really sad situation.

MamaFlo said...

HURRAY for Ryan!!!! Way to go little man!! We are very proud of your accomplishments, keep up the good work!

Lynda, Ryan will succeed because he has a family that loves him and believes in him, parents that put his life and that of his sister before their own, a family that experiences life together, both the laughter and tears. Keep telling him that you are proud of his accomplishments, keep telling him that you love him, keep doing so much together as a family, Ryan will flourish, I can guarantee this.

His grandmother does know, she is keeping watch over him and infuses him with her love.

Ryan is going to succeed.