Monday, October 15, 2007


Sometimes, you just need to have a day that flies by. Today has been like that. This morning I had three little ones here to keep me busy - Chloe, Katelyn (22 mo, who my friend Jennie usually watches) and Luke (who is now almost 3 months old and growing like a weed).

Luke has now been picked up and it's just me and the girls. Days like today remind me of why I miss Cecelia so much. Her and Chloe use to have so much fun together and it kept me on somewhat of a schedule during the day. How is it possible to get more accomplished on a day where you have 3 kids versus a day with just one? Granted I pretty much fall into bed and am instantly asleep at the end of the day - sometimes just barely staying awake until my own kids are in bed.

So, now it's my mission to find one more full time little girl like Katelyn so Chloe can have a playmate during the day. (Would also mean extra money in my pocket, too.)

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