Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween 2007

Halloween just may be the most stressful holiday yet. I'm just saying. Seriously, though. Anyone who tells you that getting their kids and husband dressed up in their costumes, fed dinner, their meeting time with the neighbor established, pictures taken and then finally out the door isn't the least bit stressful - is lying. However, when you see how excited they are and how cute they look (especially when wearing an authentic jersey), it all becomes worth it. That and the silence they leave behind in the house once they're on their merry way.
Bret and Ryan waiting for the girls to finish getting ready.

Ashley, Danielle and Ryan posing for an obligatory photo (or 15).

Have to have a photo they can put in their lockers. (I told you their costumes were pretty good.)

All set and ready to go.

Happy Halloween!

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